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Process of SUPERFIT

With the rise of the corporate culture, people are leading inactive and lethargic life without being bothered about their fitness or health. An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to a number of health issues, but this can be combated by bringing a change in your routine. Striders help one in getting fitter and healthier by engaging in different kinds of training programs.

Many of the advantages of running

Aids in reducing asthma by improving and strengthening the cardiovascular system helps to increase stamina and fortifies muscle and bone joints.

There are various training programs that SUPERFIT offer:

Fitness Training

Marathon training is provided by coaches who have represented the state and the nation with over 25 years of experience.

At SUPERFIT, one can avail of training programs which cater to an individual’s potential. The goal of the training programs is to introduce a change in lifestyle in a person’s life. Some of the training exercises that include in this training program are aerobic training, coordination training, strength training and anaerobic training. An individual’s physical level of capability is understood and aims to help them transform to their ideal fitness level.

There are also types of exercises which can enhance one’s fitness levels by such as

  • Hill workout
  • Interval training
  • Fartlek training
  • Race Pace
  • Long runs
  • Time trials
  • Recovery – stretching and breathing exercises.

Marathon Training

Running a Marathon is a life-transforming experience.

People who are fond of running, are trained for half marathons and full marathons.

The training is organized in groups externally, in natural surroundings, one can even get the opportunity to connect to nature and to meet like-minded and friendly people.

Different training methods include time frame, intensity, progression and strength training.

Kids Training

SUPERFIT Juhu organizes kids’ athletic training sessions in various sections of Mumbai since 2015. There are qualified coaches who have completed NIS and other courses and themselves are National Winners or National level athletes who have created the kids’ training program. Some of the objectives of the kids’ training program are:

  1. To instill leadership qualities among children.
  2. To instill self-confidence among children.
  3. To enhance their performance in other sports.
  4. To enhance their academic performance.

Some methods of training are part of the kid’s training program are as follows:

  1. Cone drills
  2. Ladder drills
  3. Minor games
  4. Interval method
  5. Relays
  6. Repetition method
  7. Running ABC
  8. Plyometrics
  9. Micro hurdle drills
  10. Continuous method

A healthy diet, a training goal  and consistent progress are crucial  components which can benefit one from achieving their target.